About Reverence:
Internal Attitude – esteem as holy, respect, awe, astonishment
Attitude Toward God – humility and meekness (admit/submit)
Attitude Toward Men – charity and compassion (commit/transmit)
Inner Manifestation – utter submission and obedience to the authority of God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Outer Manifestation – worship in spirit and truth, miraculous work of the Spirit in the form of gifts and fruit
Personal Benefits – joy, peace, wisdom, contentment with God, contempt for the world, discernment
Corporate Benefits – holiness, effective witness, unity among brethren, Shekinah, public miracles, preaching/teaching sound doctrine

Framework for Reverence:
Revelation (gospel message / witness)
Repentance & Faith (human response to gospel)
Regeneration (action of Holy Spirit upon justification by faith)
Reverence (Spirit driven inner human response – attitude)
Sanctification (Spirit driven outer human response – obedience)

Worship and Reverence:
Reverence cannot be separated from worship. Worship is the act of coming to, submitting to, and thus exalting God. Understanding is of the mind, but will is of the heart. Worship involves both mind and heart. There must be Truth as well as Spirit – right doctrine as well as right will. The word worship first appears in the story of Abraham taking Isaac to the mountain for the sacrifice. The act of worship literal indicates bowing or laying down before God. It was said of Jesus that he had nowhere to rest his head, which literally means nowhere to worship, until he was on the cross. His final act before death to bow his head. In doing this he submitted utterly and laid down his life before God. Worship differs from reverence in that worship is a verb (action of submission) and reverence is an adverb (describes the action – in spirit and truth).

Praise and Reverence:
Praise exalts God. Praise acknowledges the position of God and our position in relationship to Him. Praise outwardly expresses our mental understanding and our choice from the heart (will) to submit. For many people praise is closely associated with worship as they are often done together, particularly in song. Praise is to also to inhabit the speech and prayer of God’s people. Praise is like worship in that it is a verb (action of glorifying God) and it is to be done in reverence (in spirit and truth).

About Lance Ponder

Christian author of "Ask James one"; public speaker; husband and father. Available to speak on Creation and the Gospel.
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