Who tempts us?

Jas 1:13 Let no one say when he is tempted, “I am being tempted by God,” for God cannot be tempted with evil, and he himself tempts no one. Satan is the ultimate – if not the direct – source of temptation. God does not tempt. Temptation is not just an enticement to do wrong in exchange for pleasure. This pleasure is a lie because after you’ve sinned you always feel empty, dirty, sick, and there is no pleasure. Most people would call this your conscience. The promise of pleasure was a lie. It was Satan making you the promise. What else could you expect?

Heb 12:7 It is for discipline that you have to endure. God is treating you as sons. For what son is there whom his father does not discipline? The source of discipline is God. Discipline may seem unpleasant at the time, but the results are good – unlike temptation which seems good at the time but manifests in sin and suffering. (Heb 12:11 For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.)

Tests or trials may be of God, of Satan, or of man. While tests are not necessarily enjoyable themselves, God still uses for good what was intended for evil. We are told to test (prove – KJV) all things and hold onto the good (1 Thess 5:21), so testing can certainly be humanly induced. Testing (proving) is the kind of righteous judgment we are authorized to undertake. Testing by God divides good from bad, like the pruning mentioned in Jn 15. Satan is judgmental and he’s looking for prey. Unrighteous judgment is a tool and a temptation he uses to lure us into division.

This post is an excerpt from my book Ask James one.


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3 Responses to Who tempts us?

  1. Todd Beal says:

    | Tests or trials may be of God, of Satan, or of man. |

    Wow! This made me perk up and take notice. I felt my spirit relax when I realized how true this statement is.  This is one of those moments that fundamentally changes how I thing about everything.  I sure appreciate reading your blog, Lance.

    | We are told to test (prove – KJV) all things and hold onto the good (1 Thess 5:21) |

    This is exactly what I was referring to on Fr. Robert’s blog; comment #17 – “breaking an assertion/concept” | An argument or assertion is only as strong as its weakest defense… |. If it is unbreakable, it is true; if it contains a weakness, truth will find it and bust to pieces!  Christian or not, if you possess a stubborn mind, your thoughts are breakable, period!

    • Lance Ponder says:

      //If it is unbreakable, it is true; if it contains a weakness, truth will find it and bust to pieces!//

      Guess what! You just described the scientific method perfectly. If not for the perfect, eternal, unchanging nature of our Creator, creation itself would have to be reduced to chance. So many want to change God, but praise His Name, He is the same forever. Truth does not change or it is not truth. It is the unchanging nature of the Creator and the order of creation born of the expression of the mind (divine logos ~_*) of God that makes science possible. Oh, but how the atheists and pantheists and even the deists love to scoff at this perfect truth. Oh, how I do enjoy these conversations.

      • Todd Beal says:

        Lance, I believe in truth with all that I am! It completes me, and restores me when I am wrong. I feel like Paul; oh, what a wretch I am to find favor with Living Truth! I want to be more like Jesus, the only one who set me free!!

        The scientific method works because our creator, The Living Truth, made it so.

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