Hosea’s Obedience

Hos 3:2 So I bought her for fifteen shekels of silver and a homer and a lethech of barley.

Faith is called faith because we sometimes we just have to take God’s word for when He speaks. He gives us more than enough proof of His faithfulness in our lives, so when He says something we don’t understand we should trust Him to know what He’s doing. While we would not expect God to tell us marry someone we know is an adulterer, our faith should be strong enough to trust God when He asks us to do something that seems impossible, uncomfortable, or just plain silly. This does not mean blind faith – we are told to test the spirits and be certain what we are asked is from God. It does mean when we are satisfied a command has come from God that we are to obey it in faith. Hosea not only provided an illustration of God’s plan for Israel’s redemption, he was also an example of obedience based on faith. Hosea trusted God to obey in a difficult thing because he already experienced a personal relationship with God and knew he could trust God completely. Regarding the particular details of this verse, it is interesting to note that the price, paid partly in silver and partly in produce, was roughly equivalent to the price of a slave (Ex 21:32). Christ paid the ultimate price in blood to free believers from slavery to sin.


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