Corporate Sacrifice

Hos 3:4 For the children of Israel shall dwell many days without king or prince, without sacrifice or pillar, without ephod or household gods.

The last king of the Northern Kingdom of Israel was Hoshea. Hoshea overthrew the previous king through treachery. Samaria was conquered and he was killed by the Assyrians for failing to deal honestly with them because he tried to give Egypt tribute instead of Assyria. Hoshea seemed to think he could get Egypt to support him against Assyria. After three years of fighting Samaria fell in 722 BC. 1 Ki 17 records the fall of Israel and the Assyrian exile. There we read of God’s reason for allowing Israel’s fall was idolatry – wicked unfaithfulness to YHWH who brought them out of slavery in Egypt to the promised land. Hosea tells us Israel shall be a long time without political or religious leadership. Even though Assyria fell in 612 BC, before Jerusalem fell in 586 BC, the northern tribes were never again united politically or religiously. Even when the second temple was rebuilt in the 5th century, Samarians were rejected from participating in its reconstruction and restoration of YHWH worship. Centuries passed without independence and self-rule. Late in the 4th century the Greeks attempted to Hellenize the Jews and Samarians and to a significant degree succeeded. A long series of skirmishes and rebellions fill the inter-testament period with the region being under the control of one foreign power or another for all but a few years prior to the ministry of Jesus during the Roman era. During the Roman occupation there were kings appointed over Israel, but even so they were little more than puppet dictators propped up by Rome to manage Roman interests in the region. Herod the Great, for example, was a blood-thirsty tyrant who obeyed Rome for personal gain. There were Herods who ruled various geographic areas – including the areas of Samaria and “Gentile” areas such as Galilee. Symbolically, Pilate declared Jesus King of the Jews at the crucifixion. A few decades later the second temple would be utterly destroyed. Jerusalem all but cease to exist for nearly two millennia. Jews tried to rebel against Rome, but by the end of the second Roman rebellion in about 132 AD there was no formal religious or political organization to the Jews nor would it exist again until May of 1948.


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11 Responses to Corporate Sacrifice

  1. Lance,

    The history and political movement formally known as Zionism, that was established by Austro-Hungarian journalist Theodor Herzl in the late 19th century (the first congress was at Basel in 1897 which was infused by Herzl, etc.), was coined “Zionism” for Jewish nationalism by the Austrian Jewish publisher Nathan Birnbaum, founder of the first nationalist Jewish student’s movement Kadimah, in his journal Selbstemanzipation (Self Emancipation) in 1890. The first Jewish immigration to so-called Palestine started in earnest in 1882. Later Birnbaum eventually turned against political Zionism and became the first secretary-general of the Haredi movement Agudat Israel. Btw, the word “Zionism” itself is derived from the word Zion (Hebrew: Tzi-yon). This name originally referred to Mount Zion, a mountain near Jerusalem, and the Fortress of Zion on it. Later, under King David, the term “Zion” became a synecdoche (a figure of speech in which a part is used for the whole, etc.) referring to the entire city of Jerusalem and the Land of Israel. In many Biblical verse, the Israelites were called the people, sons or daughters of Zion.

    Also Zionism is a democracy now. But has at least three main groups: Liberal Zionism, National Zionism, and Religious Zionism. Not to mention Ultra-Orthodox Jews and Zionism, which they do not belong to the Zionist movement. They view Zionism as secular, reject nationalism as a doctrine and consider Judsiam always first and foremost a religion. And Ultra-Orthodox do not consider Israel to be a Jewish state because it is secular.

    Just a few points for National or historical Zionism.

  2. Lance Ponder says:

    Thank you so much. That is excellent info. I feel much more educated now. I just love learning new things!

  3. Todd Beal says:


    I really enjoy your narrative style in explaining Biblical history. I also enjoy learning about history in a fact-oriented style, but only as reference for learning new information. Your narrative style allows me to lose myself in the history itself and picture it as though I am personally there. You allow the facts to build the story instead of merely providing them for academic context.

    Great post.

    • Lance Ponder says:

      I’ve been working on my studies of the Minor Prophets for about two years now. It is way too much to ever publish as a single volume. I’m thinking now, when I get done, to pare it down to more of a narrative story. I launched into it to try and get a grasp on prophecy in general in preparation for a deeper study of Revelation. I don’t feel prepared to really tackle Revelation. And after two years at this I frankly don’t feel much closer, though one thing I know is that it will take a deeper study of the whole of scripture to put Revelation together, and even then it will take a miracle of God’s divine revelation. Even John himself did not understand it all, so how pompous am I to try?

      • Todd Beal says:


        | …it will take a deeper study of the whole of scripture to put Revelation together, and even then it will take a miracle of God’s divine revelation. |

        I agree. Prophecy begins in Genesis and completes in Revelation with each area supporting all others, and God alone, as he wills it, provides the ability to understand prophecy through our willingness to understand what he teaches us. The human intellect alone will never suffice.

        | Even John himself did not understand it all, so how pompous am I to try? |

        To be frank, your statement itself is quite pompous; to imply that it is your own effort and ability that allows you to understand prophecy. Remember, it is not by you alone that you understand anything of a spiritual/Biblical nature, but only through the ability given you by the Holy Spirit, along with your willingness to work with him in using that ability. There is nothing pompous in receiving faith that God wills you to understand something. And until God gives you that faith, we are still commanded to study to show our self approved unto God [2 Timothy 2:15 KJV]. Sometimes, it isn’t the end goal for which we strive that allows us to grow but the journey along the way. Without a doubt, whether God ever does grant you the full ability to understand Revelation, your knowledge of him has certainly grown in your attempt to prepare yourself for that understanding, as is evident in your well-explained posts.

        • Lance Ponder says:

          Very well said, Todd. I am pompous. Pride is one of my more significant sins.

          • Todd Beal says:

            Lance, I want you to know that my statement was not meant to cut you down, but rather to bring your attention to a contradiction. I have known you long enough to know that your heart’s desire is to serve God with all that you are, but your use of the word “pompous” contradicted that desire. I just wanted to bring it to your intention so that you might think about it.

            We all struggle with pride Lance, every single one of us. But something I have grown to appreciate about you is that you are one of the very few I have ever met who is not afraid to call a spade a spade, even if it applies to you. Your relationship with God is a great testimony to me and I consider it a privilege to both know you and learn from you.

          • Todd Beal says:

            | bring it to your intention |

            Should be, “bring it to your attention”

          • Technically I agree with Todd, we don’t rely on just our brains and ability, but GOD uses our spiritual desire and labor as we press for truth in the Word of God. So I am one that believes God’s Word can give us all we need in this life, as to what God wants to reveal, (2 Tim. 2:15 ; 3:16-17).

            As God used men like Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, etc. (And so many more then..Bullinger, Beza, etc.) God has used others after, especially toward the truth of “Israel” (note the historical zeal of certain Christians toward the Jews, coming into their Holy Land in the mid and late 19th century. And then of course men like Balfour (Balfour Declaration), English philosopher and stateman (conservative). Then that British goverment favored establishment in the then “Palestine” of a national home for the Jewish people (1917). And later the Modern Nation of Israel (1948). To my mind at least, this is certain providence toward the eschatological end, and the people and remnant of Israel! (Rom. 11: 25-29)

            Lance, btw, see the Jewish Christian, Charles Feinberg, who had/has a book on the Minor Prophets. He is with the Lord now.

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