Hos 4:3 Therefore the land mourns, and all who dwell in it languish, and also the beasts of the field and the birds of the heavens, and even the fish of the sea are taken away.

Everyone sees and turns their back on the evil of Israel. There is great suffering because of the sin in Israel. The moral decay of Israel is pictured as a sadness that drives away what little good there is left. When you think about the moral decay of western civilization in recent decades it is equally fascinating to see the explosion of faith in other parts of the world like Africa and parts of the former Soviet Union. Although the communist government of China persecutes the church there, faith in Christ is growing behind closed doors across Asia. Missionaries are leaving America and Europe. It is as if the faithful are leaving the decadence of material wealth and moral bankruptcy to seek out lives of material humility and moral wealth elsewhere.


About Lance Ponder

Christian author of "Ask James one"; public speaker; husband and father. Available to speak on Creation and the Gospel.
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2 Responses to Emptiness

  1. Todd Beal says:

    The Holy Spirit will go where he is welcome, and leave where he is rejected. If we want him to stay, not leave, and do a mighty work in America, we must stop playing church, reopen our hearts toward God, and ask God for another Great Awakening. Let it begin in me.

    • Lance Ponder says:

      Amen. All the things you said are as true for individuals as for a nation. I’m living in a rather dark cloud just now and having a lot of trouble seeing the hope and feeling the Spirit. Keep me in your prayers that I would not be one to reject Him. Let the awakening start with me, too.

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