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What surprises you most?

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What’s the big deal about blood?

The bible talks a lot about blood, especially Jesus’ blood. So what’s the big deal?

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Political Quote

Recession – When your neighbor looses his job. Depression – When I loose my job. Recovery – When Barak Obama looses his job. —attribute to almost any conservative or Republican

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Good News of Lamentations 5

About Lamentations This short book is generally attributed to the prophet Jeremiah and it is assumed this book was written during the early stages of the Babylonian captivity sometime not long after 586 BC. It laments the destruction of Jerusalem … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day – From Kill Bill 2

Bill: As you know, I’m quite keen on comic books. Especially the ones about superheroes. I find the whole mythology surrounding superheroes fascinating. Take my favorite superhero, Superman. Not a great comic book. Not particularly well drawn. But the mythology … Continue reading

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Which Miracle Means the Most to You?

Jesus performed many miracles according to the gospels. Which means the most to you and why?

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Now Offending #34

It has come to my attention that certain material in some of my posts have caused offense. I make no apology for speaking the truth as best I can, but it is not my intention to be personally offensive in … Continue reading

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