Was Adam a Real Person in History?

This hot topic is raging at Brian LePort’s NearEmmaus site (where I am a guest blogger), but if you’d like to weigh on here you can do that, too.


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Christian author of "Ask James one"; public speaker; husband and father. Available to speak on Creation and the Gospel.
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5 Responses to Was Adam a Real Person in History?

  1. Lance: Good luck on this! I have found this subject to be spiritual, as well as historical. But the “theological” always! We can note the streams of Orthodox Judaism here also in Genesis. And even the depth of the Hasidic Orthodox, and their ‘Immanent Divinity’. My point, as we look at St. Paul’s 2 Cor. 4:6, etc.

  2. Todd Beal says:


    I just finished reading your post on Brian Leport’s blog. First, I want to tell you I was literally blown away at your well-reasoned responses to the reader comments. Secondly, I want to tell you I have gained a whole new respect for you concerning your ability to positively debate while in the heat of battle. Time after time, you not only stood your ground where necessary, but also graciously accepted appropriate criticism (thus bending where necessary), while remaining authoritatively calm, collected, and logically reasonable under antagonistic, multisided direct attack. And yet, even in the heart of battle, you authoritatively taught and defended the scripture with scripture – relentlessly redirecting toward the gospel with single-minded focus – leaving no room for others to either speculate on meaning or accuse you of personal bias or presupposition, and all the while doing so with a Christ-like spirit.

    Lance, I want to tell you that reading both your post and your subsequent debate changed me. The way in which you personally conducted yourself, and defended the gospel, represents your undeniable spiritual perseverance, your Christ-empowered personal competency, and your absolute commitment to point others to Christ, even while under personal attack. I want to be like that. I want that spirit in my heart.

    I can’t thank you enough for what I learned while seeing you in action.

    Always your friend,


    • Lance Ponder says:

      I’m deeply honored and humbled. Considering that the link didn’t even work I’m impressed you found the actual post. LOL. I think I’ve got it fixed now, but I’d forgotten all about it. Well, as much as I love this subject I’ve had plenty of practice having these discussions. As a few of the other folks there mentioned, you can read between the lines how most people have such difficulty believing that others hold the opinions that they do. I fall into that trap myself at times, and it is a trap. We’re all deceived at various times by various things so why do we find it so hard to understand?

      Thanks again for all your kind words. You inspire me to keep going. My blog has floundered lately. I’m going to have to start writing again, but life has gotten so busy of late for me. I’m working a p/t job now and have so little time for the writing I love so dearly.

      God bless you, brother. I miss our great conversations. I hope to see more of you here.

      • Todd Beal says:

        You are certainly welcome, Lance. Dittos on being busy. Between working six days a week, mixing the weekly service for my church, trying to study here and there, and still trying to find time enough to catch up on my favorite blogs, there is not much time left for authoring posts on my own blog. Somehow, I have to reshuffle my time slots and stop playing “beat the clock” with everything I do.

        Well, hopefully sooner than later we will both tame our schedules a bit and resume our conversations. Once again, great post and debate on Adam. Keep it up!

  3. Indeed keep pressing the mark Lance! I have found that even when I am wrong, GOD gets around to showing me, at least what I can perceive, discern and understand! 🙂

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