Now Offending #34

It has come to my attention that certain material in some of my posts have caused offense. I make no apology for speaking the truth as best I can, but it is not my intention to be personally offensive in any way. If I have cause any personal offense I am genuinely sorry and I hope by changing the format of this site it will not continue. To that end, the format of this site is changing. The daily commentaries on James and the minor prophets are over. If you want more on any of that, drop me a note. A new format with open ended questions and more opportunity for personal dialog is coming. Feedback is welcome and appreciated.

About Lance Ponder

Christian author of "Ask James one"; public speaker; husband and father. Available to speak on Creation and the Gospel.
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7 Responses to Now Offending #34

  1. Rock on mate! Let us make or speak the “Offense of the Cross”! (1 Cor. 1&2)

    “For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” (1 Cor. 1:18, ESV) Btw, note Phil. 3: 18-19!

    • And btw too, if your NOT “offending” in some biblical degree, then your probably not preaching or teaching the Gospel of Christ! The pastor-teacher is not here to really make friends, but proclaim Christ & Calvary! It’s just about that simple!

      • Lance Ponder says:

        It all depends on what and why. I’m satisfied that the reasons are sufficient for this change of course. Let us enjoy the change of scenery and we’ll all see what happens.

  2. Nancy says:

    Great post title!

  3. Jerry Hill says:

    I eagerly await your new format; but I have been enriched and often enlightened by, and have never seen offensive content in the old. As I continuously desire to reflect Christ in my own life, I am drawn to study His words and deeds, including the frequency and manner in which He offended so many people — in particular the most visible elements of religious leadership — in His days on earth as a man. In my own life as in His, I am amazed at how often people are offended by the truth because they have grossly misunderstood and misjudged the truth in the first place.
    Keep up the good work, My Brother.

    • Lance Ponder says:

      Thanks for the gracious support, my dear old friend. Jesus certainly did offend plenty, but they deserved it. The question I wrestle with is – am I acting like Jesus in offending or am I the Pharisee that offends Jesus? This is a question I do not expect you to try to answer – it is one I must wrestle with.

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