My name is Lance Ponder. This blog is dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of YHWH and Redeemer of the lost and broken, like me. This blog is intended to provide uplifting and thought provoking posts on a variety of mostly biblical topics such as bible studies, creation science, prophecy, and good news. While I freely admit my own political perspective is conservative, this blog is not intended to be political except where contemporary politics intersect matters of faith. Open and frank dialog, including constructive criticism is desired. Personal and ad hominym attacks (ie flaming) or spam will be deleted and/or blocked – otherwise all comments are welcome.

In addition to writing and blogging, I am available for public speaking on a range of subjects, creation science in particular. I am available to provide interim pastoral services in the Southern Indiana and Louisville region. I may be contacted directly at lanceponder @ yahoo.com (spaces added to avoid spam attacks).